Platform 10 Starter kits are quarterly builds for experienced users. They are not full-fledged distributions (for example, there is no release documentation and no technical support) but allow to:

  • take a look at graphical desktop environments which are not part of the official releases but rather available in repository;
  • deploy another operating system instance with minimum expenses on installation and final adjustments;
  • recover data or rescue a system damaged by hardware fault or software disaster as well as perform forensic analysis;
  • create derivative operating system image adapted for specific application.

Each starter kit itself is free software licensed under GPL as a composite work, so that recipient has the freedom to:

  • use the starterkit for any purpose,
  • change it to suit one's needs,
  • share the download with others,
  • share the changes one makes.

Please see the wiki page for project description, flavours provided, and the actual download links.

The build profile is contained in ISO images as .disk/profile.tgz.

Sources for the free software contained in these images can be acquired as src.rpm packages as well as git repos.

  • Use this guide to write the ISO image onto blank DVD; x86 ISO images are also suitable for USB flash drives (NB: UNetbootin and UltraISO cripple the resulting media rendering it unbootable).
  • Note that aarch64 rootfs archives presume the use of alt-rootfs-installer utility to handle target platform differences; the guide is currently available in Russian.