ALT Workstation

ALT Workstation 10 installed on a laptop or desktop provides a classic personal workplace allowing to:
  • work with internet (web, email, instant messaging);
  • edit texts, spreadsheets and presentations (office suite);
  • listen to music and watch videos (multimedia);
  • create and improve raster and vector images;
  • perform mathematical computations;
  • develop software;
  • ...and much more!
The downloaded version can be freely used by private persons; legal entities can use it for testing but production use requires acquiring licenses or signing a license agreement in written form.

Sources for the free software contained in these images can be acquired as src.rpm packages as well as git repos.

  • Use this guide to write the ISO image onto blank DVD; x86 ISO images are also suitable for USB flash drives (NB: UNetbootin and UltraISO cripple the resulting media rendering it unbootable).
  • Note that aarch64 rootfs archives presume the use of alt-rootfs-installer utility to handle target platform differences; the guide is currently available in Russian.
  • Tavolga Terminal users are advised to flash the device using this manual in Russian.